Sitting is Bad For you: What You Have Not Been Told

Sitting is Bad For you: What You Have Not Been Told

In this post I will be going over some of the reasons why sitting is bad for you.  I am sure you heard how

a sedentary lifestyle is no good, but most likely that news outlet did not tell you the reasons why!  The

why is so very important to reinforce the reason you should change your habits, since without it, it comes

off as mere sensationalism or hype.

Reasons: Why Over-sitting is Bad For You
1.  Less Blood Flow-Creates blockages in nerves arteries and veins (especially in your legs); not allowing blood to freely flow and causing numbness.  

2.  Spinal Disc Wear and Tear-A curved back and slumped shoulders causes increase wear and tear in spinal disc.

3.  Less Oxygen in Your Blood– Shrinks chest cavity which restricts you lung capacity; resulting in less oxygen flowing through your body.

4.  Burn Less Fat-Limits Lipoprotein Lipase, which is a special enzyme in your capilleries that breaks down fat within the blood; which means you don’t burn fat nearly as well sitting down, as when moving around.
So what do you do if you are an office worker and pretty much work off of a chair all day?  Simple create a routine to defend against it!
Strategies:  How to Defend Yourself From Over-sitting
1.  Target a time to get up and move around; every 30 minutes- 1 hour
2.  If you have difficulty with that just drink tons of water, and since you will have to use the restroom
more, you are forced to get out of your chair 😉
3.  Try changing up the positions in your chair as you sit, and straighten your legs more for increased circulation and slouch reduction.
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