Wellbeing-Me’s Practical Wellbeing : The 8 Principles of Wellbeing Part I

Wellbeing-Me’s Practical Wellbeing : The 8 Principles of Wellbeing Part I

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What is well-being? W,elb’eeing is “A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous”.  According to a neurosurgeon/psychologist named Dr. Richard Davidson, well-being is a skill, not luck.  As for any skill we can sharpen them. 

 In order to have basic well-being we absolutely need a positive view of innate human goodness, generosity, attention, and the ability to recover quickly from adversity. 

True well-being is the road to true happiness that everyone should strive for.  Many of us might think true happiness can be obtained by money alone, which is simply not true.  Don’t get me wrong, money can help, but it is the internal processes that take place that creates true wealth, as well as happiness that manifests through actions. 

Wealth and happiness are merely just results (outputs) forming from multiple well developed internal inputs.  These are so very important, for they alone will determine our future.  This post has been created to show real well-being can be achieved through actions, not dreaming.  

They alone will determine how you live, feel, love, and contribute to this world we live in.  Here are the “Wellbeing-Me 8 Pillars of Well-being” in no particular order.


Being Positive


“Your body needs these micromoments of positivity resonance just like it needs good food and physical activity”. – Barbara Frederickson.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla



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Positivity is the state or character of being positive.  You might be aware of the concept of the law of attraction, which was featured in the popular film “the Secret”.  This law is related to”Karmic Law”.   The secret is originally known as the Hermetic principle of “Cause and Effect”.  

What we think of produces vibrational energy that emits out of our bodies.  Based on that vibration certain people, energy and circumstances related to those very thoughts come to us through thoughts and actions.  

Everyone has their own unique frequency that emits and attracts like energy.  Now this earth has some serious brain beasts living in it that are loaded with logical gifts.  There is popular belief that being headstrong is very important. However, people who tend to think solely just with their head may be excellent at math but tend to not make very good decisions.

Our conscious mind is roughly only 10 percent of our overall potential.  Logical based intelligence dominance is merely using the left side of the brain, but very little of the right. 

It is commonly regarded to as the intelligence quotient or IQ.  To be a complete as a human being you need to use both sides of your brain.  Have you ever wondered why tech companies that have amazing computer programmers still need visionary entrepreneurs to lead projects?  It is because most computer programmers are only skilled with the left side of their brain, but not the right side, which contains creativity. 

Don’t get me wrong, having a sufficient IQ is important for survival, but there are many other types that are also very important and should not be ignored.  Some of these other intelligences are:

emotional intelligence (EQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ), musical/rhythmic intelligence, verbal-linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, naturalist intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence (understanding one’s own emotions) bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (athletes and dancers have), and even visual-spatial intelligence (accurate depiction of the visual world and can recreate it through art).  

Controlling our own negative thoughts can be one of the most difficult things ever, even I struggle with this still.  It takes work folks!  A proven way to make this happen is through affirmations, as well as deep breathing meditation (will be covered in recovery pillar). 

Positive self-talk is the cheap and easy way to affirm positive beliefs for ourselves.  You can also write positive beliefs in a notebook.  Try reviewing them 3 times a day for minimum of 30 days and feel the progress.  Some examples of affirmations could be:

  1. Today is going to be an amazing day!
  2. I make a lot of money to help support my family.
  3. I am Loved.
  4. I choose to be free.
  5. I am confident. I am Positive.  I am Calm.
  6. I have all of the resources and tools that I need to be successful, start a business and become free.


If you are having an extremely difficult time after those 30 days you might need more serious treatment such as hypnotherapy to remove negative programming that was most likely an act committed by your environment growing up or parental figures.  Don’t worry it is extremely inexpensive.  Go to:  http://stevegjones.com/platinum-hypnosis-recordings-by-dr-steve-g-jones/

Try coupon code: gold to get 95% off (we are not compensated for this, this is a code found at retailmenot.com).  If this does not work at the time you read this go to:

www.retailmenot.com and find an updated code that you can use.  If it is hypnotherapy you are seeking look no further.  This guy is a pro. The more positive your thoughts the more positive your overall well-being (practical wellbeing) becomes.   

I understand that many may be hesitant to try this out, hypnosis sounds spooky.  The funny thing is we are hypnotized every day in our environment from either positive or negative programming.  From very young the beliefs instilled by our parents leading to our self-esteem is indeed hypnosis!   It is our choice to remove the negative programming or keep it.  Our brains are much like a computer in functionality and when you have a faulty hard drive, sometimes the best measure is to clean the slate or replace the corrupted data with fresh info….


You may or might not have seen this one coming, but being generous naturally makes us happier.  Helping out our fellow man is an important piece of well-being.  Whether it is helping our friends or acquaintance get a job in our company, promoting a hard working employee, or just letting our spouse have the last cookie, generosity should be practiced whenever possible.


Continue to Part II: Gratitude and Being Present

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