Practical Wellbeing Part IV: Will Power, Habits and Support

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Will Power and the Power of Habit 

Let’s face it, in order to implement all of the various inputs of well-being we good old fashioned will power.  Action is required!  Will power is the ability to exercise control.  It can also be defined as the ability to resist short-term temptations to meet long-term goals.  Our will power gets depleted by two things which are:


  1. Making decisions
  2. Exercising self-control


Did you know that we as humans only have a limited finite amount of will power and when we use it up it is gone?  This means what we focus on and put our will into is very important, so do not waste it!

Focus on important tasks and concepts, while ignoring unimportant details.   For instance if you are a manager don’t micromanage!  If you are a writer don’t get so caught up with grammar and formatting while you write…just write it down and focus on the high level concepts.

Afterwards you can edit till your heart is content if you want.  When you are listening to someone, focus on the meaning, not whether they are using the proper term or pronunciation.  Chances are if you are nitpicking to this degree you already understand what they mean in the first place, so just continue to listen! Don’t be an assh*le.

This could do a world of good for our well-being!

It takes roughly 30 days for new practices like meditation, mindfulness, and affirmations to become permanent.  Will power with persistence are the keys in doing these activities in full.  It is similar to going to the gym, however this is a gym for our brains, which is even more important than exercising our bodies.

Have you ever had a difficult time dragging yourself to the gym?  When we exercise our minds through meditation and affirmations it makes doing activities like going out and doing physical strenuous exercise significantly easier to do.  To ease into new habits try partial habits.

Research has shown that people that have poor self-control are more successful when they start with small changes first.  Just like Bill Murray in “What about Bob”, just take baby steps.    For instance if our goal is to join a gym and work out there but find it difficult to make it out to the gym, try starting out by working out at home with light weights and or with a body weight exercise routine first prior to signing up.


Having a support system in place of people you can depend on is important.  We as humans are social creatures and having the support of family, friends are loved ones is essential for greater well-being (Practical wellbeing) and achieving your life’s goals and dreams.


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How do you feel about well-being?  How do you internalize well-being?  How do these concepts relate to you?



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