Perfect Your Posture Through Posture Exercises

Perfect Your Posture Through Posture Exercises

One of the Most Notable Exercises Among All Posture Exercises

Here is some excellent information posted by Health and Healthy Living on posture exercises.  I found this information as an excellent wake up call for us all to take more initiative in improving our posture and staying aware of how good our posture is.

I am sure you were reminded as a child to remember to keep your shoulders back and walk straight!

Rounded shoulders and curving your spine are never things that you should do. It seems it is becoming more and more common these days! Why?

It could be due to muscle imbalances. Therefore, the muscles on both sides of our torso should be exercised regularly, so they can support our spines, which will make good posture natural and easier to do.  The lower and mid back are often overlooked, where this exercise comes in handy!


This exercise will strengthen your back muscles and thus help you restore proper body posture: Lie down on your stomach with your face down.





  1. Slowly lift the front part of your body with your head up, as high as you can. Fixate your arms on your hips and hold in this position for a while. You will feel tension, since the exercise activates most of the muscles in the body


  1. Do ten repetitions. It will improve your posture if you make this a part of your daily routine. Make sure to increase your number of repetitions as you progress and watch



If you maintain proper posture you will have a greater sense of overall #wellbeing






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