Why Many of Us Could Be Blind and Not Even Realize It: Core Vision

Why Many of Us Could Be Blind and Not Even Realize It: Core Vision

To have clarity of purpose you must have vision.  Without clarity we would be walking in darkness without a flashlight.

Without it is like meeting up with family and friends at a concert or stadium without a cellphone or like traveling to a new city without GPS!  If we don’t have vision then we have no direction.  

What is it?

We might think we need goals, but what we really need is Core Vision. Core Vision gives us direction and purpose. Core Vision is the magnet that pulls us closer to our needs, wants, and desires.  It is the core of our being, the sum of our values and what were born to become, while goals are just the pathways to get there.

Core Vision is the special sauce that gets the pin moving in the right direction.  Try developing your own magnet by creating your vision today. 

How to Create Your Core Vision

Take 15 – 30 minutes to jot down

  1. Who you are and what do you stand for?
  2. Who you want to become?
  3. What would your ideal day be like?
  4. Do you know anyone in your circle that could help guide you closer to who you want to become?
  5. Is there anyone in your circle that could be holding you back from your core vision?
  6. Do you have any personal barriers, such as self-limiting beliefs?

Create a narrative for questions 1-4 on one piece of paper and one the second piece of paper write down your personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs.  Only write down the name/s of people that make you feel bad about yourself, talk bad about you, those that speak negatively about you, and are in the way of you achieving your vision. 

Keep the first sheet of paper and read it daily for at least 30 days straight.  The second sheet of paper grab it, crush it into a ball and throw it into the trash can.  If you prefer the extreme version practiced by Chuck Norris then you could burn it into ashes instead.


What to Expect

When creating our core-vision it is easy to second guess ourselves.  You might feel a bit of pressure, anxiety, thoughts of permanency, however you can do it.  Start with baby steps mentioned in this post to get started. 

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