Constipation: Please Don’t Hold It In…It’s Bad For You!

For a very fast effective and quick solution to this issue just consume 1 banana. Of course I can list many more, but what’s the point. I’m sure you value your time and would prefer me to get to the point, as opposed to confusing you with twenty solutions for this remedy.


Dosage: 1 banana


Now wasn’t that painless? Now of course there may be times we do not have bananas when we need them or they may have gotten gross, before we had a chance to consume them.


*Tip- To extend the freshness of your banana make sure to separate all bananas from each other, and to not put them in the refrigerator. When you put bananas in the fridge they go bad at an accelerated pace, due to the close and personal exposure to the ethlene gas that it emits, causing rapid ripening.


This is not to say that having rapidly ripening bananas is not an advantage in some cases. For example, if you are a cancer patient the riper the banana the more effective that banana would be for helping you fight cancer. For the purposes of constipation we are mainly concerned with getting the fiber content and at the same time trying to enjoy our banana!

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