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Mushroom Coffee Anyone?

Are You Ready For Mushroom Coffee ? One of the best ways to drink coffee while reducing the acidity of the beverage is by adding mushroom!  If there is a

To Balance or Not to Balance Your Hormones: Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Why Not Just Balance Your Hormones Wellness Mama has put together an excellent segment regarding hormones and the importance of having them balanced. If you have unusual weight gain, increased

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Get Rid of Allergy Symptoms the Natural Way

Get Rid of Allergy Symptoms the Natural Way If chlorellla, phytoplankton, and other forms of algae are not your cup of tea, perhaps the tips outlined by Kathy can help

Detox: Detox This and Detox That: How to Detox In A New and Improved Way

Detox w/ Chlorella I’m sure time and time again you hear detox this and detox that! The truth is Detoxing should be something to include in your everyday regimen, instead

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Mouth odors: Don’t Be Left Standing With Morning Breath

Use this instead of common mouth wash     Baking soda Scoop a teaspoon in your hand, coat damp toothbrush with it, and use it as you would toothpaste. Don’t