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Wellbeing-Me’s Practical Wellbeing : The 8 Principles of Wellbeing Part I

  What is well-being? W,elb’eeing is “A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous”.  According to a neurosurgeon/psychologist named Dr. Richard Davidson, well-being is a skill, not luck. 

Food Synergy and How To Make It Work For You

 Food Synergy Made Easy Here is an excellent post containing a beautiful graphic by  This graphic shows you harmonius ways to consume certain foods together to achieve maximum results:

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This Is Why You Never Take Sides Between Fighting Friends

Are You Stuck In Between Fighting Friends?  The concept of taking sides between friends that are at odds is a common dilemma that most are familiar with…  Should you?  

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Hydration = Brain fuel: Do you want to know What Happens to Your Brain When You Are 1% Dehydrated?

Hydration = Brain fuel?   I am sure you have been told countless times by authority figures to may sure you stay hydrated. After the years of nagging and more

Vitality and longevity Tips: Can These 5 Ingredients Help You Live Over 100 Years?

You are what you eat!  Here is an excellent article which Healthy Food Star, which gives incite on what this vibrant 110 year old man uses for vitality and longevity (video below).  They are