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Practical Wellbeing Part III: Recovery and Nutrition

Go Back to Part II: Gratitude and Being Present Recovery  The ability to bounce back from emotional or physical adversity.  For this pillar we will be focusing on emotional adversity.  According

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Practical Wellbeing Part II: Gratitude and Being Present

Go Back to Part I Gratitude  Giving thanks and appreciating of what we have is a pinnacle of well-being (practical wellbeing).  Feeling deep appreciation for your family, friends, and loved

The Apple: Deceptively filled with Phytochemical goodness

Remember biting on a fresh apple as a child?  The simplicity and crisp taste is something none of us would ever forget…and of course biting into a rotten apple!  To

Sitting is Bad For you: What You Have Not Been Told

In this post I will be going over some of the reasons why sitting is bad for you.  I am sure you heard how a sedentary lifestyle is no good,

Efficiency VS Effectiveness : Doing the Right Things the Right Way and How it Pertains to You and Your Life

According to Merriam-Webster, efficiency is “the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy: the quality or degree of being efficient”.   Effectiveness is “producing a