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What Are You Really Doing With Your Knowledge?

“Knowledge is useless without action.”   At the end of the day knowledge can be useful, but if it is not put to work, what good is it really?  We

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What is One of the Most Common Signs of Aging?

    Wisdom Quotes Images   “Living in the past is not only a sign of aging, but a cause”-UNKNOWN                    

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3 Ways To Avoid Failure

Here are 3 Ways to Avoid Failure and Get What You Want.  Hang it above your bed as a reminder!   If you would like to get “Real Productivity”, as opposed

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Why Many of Us Could Be Blind and Not Even Realize It: Core Vision

To have clarity of purpose you must have vision.  Without clarity we would be walking in darkness without a flashlight. Without it is like meeting up with family and friends

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Practical Wellbeing Part IV: Will Power, Habits and Support

Go Back to Part III: Recovery and Nutrition   Will Power and the Power of Habit  Let’s face it, in order to implement all of the various inputs of well-being