Anxiety and Depression: 4 Ways to Ease the Pain

This topic is a tough one. Some of us have more anxiety and depression than others, while some of us have it every day. There are multiple ways to manage this through diet, supplementation, and other methods. Now this section is for those that are flirting with anxiety and or depression and are looking for better ways to treat it.


If you are currently on medications I would recommend you to try natural methods first before getting off your medications cold turkey!




As you most likely have had beated into your head by now, you are what you eat! If you put in good quality fuel into your body you will feel better overall. Now of course you want to eat organic as much as possible, but the first goal to achieve here is to be akaline. This means attaining the PH level of 7, so you will not be acidic. The more you eat greens the easier you can get here. Experiment with increasing the amount of greens in your diet. Now you are probably wondering, how do I test to see if I have achieved a PH of 7? Easy simply purchase a PH kit. You can get one at or in exchange for pocket change. They tend to come with many strips, so try using them at different times of the day to check for PH consistency. There is no excuse not to have this testing kit in your arsenal, since it does not cost much.




Continuing on regarding PH balance in order to reach that level of 7 an excellent way is through taking Chlorella and or Phytoplankton. You can use either one since they are both packed with Chlorophyll, however Chlorella has more. Many including my family members have a really hard time consuming Chlorella, so for that case I’d recommend Phytoplankton instead. I like Chlorella, because you can achieve great alkalinity for cheap, however keep in mind Phytoplankton is easier to drink, but is more expensive per dose.


Other Methods

I highly recommend the use of scalar pendants. Some of you may or may not have heard of the benefits of these, but believe me they are truly remarkable. I’ve recommended them to friends and it completely changed some of their lives around.
(Also check Anxiety and Depression regarding Scalar pendants)
What does it do?


Scalar pendants emit negative ions which in turn circulate through your blood system killing bad bacteria, pathogens, and will improve your energy and mood. They also help shield you from EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) that are present everywhere you go. Have you ever felt weighed down, but could not necessarily put your finger on it why? If so I believe getting one may help with this like it did for Tony Robbins. Some people will instantly feel the difference, while others it may take around two weeks of consistent use to kick in.


Keep in mind that anxiety and depression can also be the aftermath of parasite infestation, which I will be touching on in the coming weeks.


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