Why Wellbeing-Me?



Practical Well-being, No Fluff!


Hi, My Name is Erwin, but feel free to call me Randy

My approach:

Focus on what’s important

  • I do not believe in fluffy Well-being practices where I complicate your life with redundant unimportant information.  I prefer to focus on the 1% responsible for 99% of the results
  • If you are not open minded then this page is not for you
  • I am not a doctor but I know a thing or two about nutrition
  • I am not a certified meditation practitioner, but I can get you started and well on your way to develop this practice and with affirmations.  
  • I am an avid curious researcher and optimist
  • I am always learning, so if you have something interesting that you have come across please let me know at: support@wellbeingme.com

My mission here at Well­being-Me is to provide valuable information for the public to overall help increase their well-being.  Whether it is a supplement recommendation, recipe, productivity tip, or a better way to to live. 


My job is not finished until you are able to take something valuable from my page and use it in your everyday life.  


“The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the
physician must start from nature with an open mind”









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